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“Glass Illusions Studio” has been creating stained glass in rural East Moline, IL since 1978.  First selling to exclusive gift shops through-out the Midwest.  In 1982 a promoter found us and introduced us to the Art Fair World.


Over the past 35yrs. we were honored to exhibit at many extraordinary top-rated fairs throughout the United States. Traveling to places we probably otherwise would have missed. The friendships we made with artists and art enthusiasts are very dear to us. The caring they have shown us is overwhelming, even offering to let us stay in their homes.  Many friendships continuing through today.

In 2017 health issues kept us from fairs.  After recovery we found ourselves very busy with designing and creating custom stained-glass windows and doors for homes, businesses and churches. Something we really enjoy.  Jim started teaching stained glass classes at our local college. We’re also involved in several restoration projects for local historic homes. Time for preparing for fairs became short. As much as we miss our friends, travel, and favorite restaurants, we do not miss set-up or tear down. 


From design to completion, our work envelops all aspects of the stained-glass medium by incorporating painting, fusing, glass carving.  We would love to help you with your project or restoration.

If you are a collector of our small pieces, we still have a few but we are no longer making them.


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