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                                      Sparkles and Rainbows describe these Panels

  Textured Glasses, Bevels and a bit of color combine to make these One of a Kind Panels


          Sparkling Clear textures and bevels       27"w  x  10"h          $190.00

  Textures with Kelly Green    8-1/2w  x  15"h        $95.00

Clear Textures with Black 

 6-1/2w  x 15-1/2h    $95.00

    Clears with red textures

       8"w  x  12"h    $105.00

  Clear textures and bevels

       9"w  x  18"h      $96.00

    Clear textured glass with bevels and kelly green    28"w  x  10"h    $180.00

 Clear texture and beveled glasses       30"w  x  8 "h    $160.00

    Clear and kelly green

  8"w  x  28"h   $150.00


6"w  x  29"h    $125.00

    Bevels, Textures Plumb       8-1/2"w  x  17"h    $100.00

   Clears and Cobalt Blues 

    8-1/2"w  x  12"h     $100.00

Colors 9"w  x  33"h  120.00

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